Thank you for visiting  We hope to become your go-to source for rare anime art books and goods.  As life-long fans and collectors of all things anime, we know the thrill of finally uncovering that hard-to-find treasure.  We have a passion for uniting fellow collectors with their holy-grail items.  This is our mission as AnimeCoast!


We specialize in hunting down anime art books and anime-related books.  We also carry plenty of other genres: Sentai (Power Rangers), Tokusatsu (live action: Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Godzilla), Hentai, Yaoi, Gravure (pin-up photobooks of singers and actors/actresses), as well as a variety of magazines.  In addition, we have a selection of toys, figures and statues.  Although we do carry new and current titles, our main focus is on rare and out-of-print books.  We realize that it is getting more and more difficult to find certain collectibles at a reasonable price, and some of those auction sites (YES, you know WHICH ONE we are talking about!) are driving prices up due to their crazy regulations and fees dumped on sellers.  At AnimeCoast, we can offer rare items at reasonable prices because we are not limited by the exorbitant fees imposed by auction sites.


We are also one of the very few sites worldwide that offer a specialized BOOK HUNTER service.  If you have a particular title or collectible you are searching for, you can enlist our services to track down these elusive items to add to your collection!  Feel free to check out our Special Orders page (you can click on the link or use the menu at the bottom of the site) to find out how this works.


Another unique feature to AnimeCoast is that we always trade and buy items as well as sell.  We will be glad to check out any single items or whole collections that you may want to sell.  Please contact us at and let us know what you have! 




We have been avid collectors for around 30 years.  From a very young age, we developed a passion for all things anime and tokusatsu.  This fascination with Japanese pop culture slowly expanded our individual collections to epic proportions throughout the years.  In growing our collections, we became experienced in buying, selling and trading.  These were necessary tools to build the ultimate collection.  As individual fans getting together to enjoy each other's treasures, we came to realize that we wanted to share this passion with a wider range of like-minded people.  Our collections have long outgrown our personal spaces.  It is time to provide new homes to these fine treasures!