We can special order items that you are looking for, but we can not guarantee the item will be found. Please only place a special order if you know the title and an image or the item's ISBN number, and are willing to wait one month or more for delivery.  Please accept the fact that it is possible your item may not be found. Please be advised that although there is no deposit required for a special order, we reserve the right to decline a special order. Please e-mail all orders to contact@animecoast.com.

If you are placing a special order with us, please ensure that you are interested in the item(s). We will inform you of the receipt of this special order via e-mail. Please note that Special Orders are similar to regular orders, which would be based on the order it was placed. All Special Orders will be listed on the Special Orders page on the website.  Once your item is found, you will be emailed a number code to match the item that is on the page.  We will also include a link directly to your special order in our email.  You can also search directly for your item by entering the number code in the search bar. Please respond promptly to our e-mail(s) from us about your order. If there is no response after three e-mails have been sent to you, we will cancel this Special Order and list it for open purchase on the site.


There is no restocking fee for returned items with the exception of special order items.  If you special order an item and later decide to return it, you will be charged a 30% restocking/finder's fee.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Please see Return Policy for details.