Shipping will be done via USPS only. The shipping services that we use are:

US Postal Service:
• USPS Express Mail – typically delivers within 1 – 2 Business days after shipping
• USPS Media Mail - (Books & Magazines only) - typically delivers within 5 – 14 days after shipping
• USPS Standard Ground to US - (Small Items Only) - typically delivers within 5 – 14 days after shipping

Shipping Rates vary from item to item depending on weight, size, delivery method, and destination of item(s). Our shipping calculator provides accurate shipping information for the selected item(s) in your shopping cart.

For more detailed information on shipping costs, here is a breakdown of pricing through USPS.

US Media Mail:

  • Free shipping on all domestic US orders over $100 in value (books and printed material only)
  • 0.00 lbs - 1.99 lbs           $4.50 USD
  • 2.00 lbs - 2.99 lbs           $5.00 USD
  • 3.00 lbs - 4.99 lbs           $6.00 USD
  • 5.00 lbs - 7.99 lbs           $7.00 USD
  • 8.00 lbs - 9.99 lbs           $8.00 USD


US Express Mail

  • 0.00 lbs - 0.99 lbs           $20.00 USD
  • 1.00 lbs - 9.99 lbs           $45.00 USD


USPS International Shipping:

  • 0.00 lbs - 1.99 lbs           $24.0 USD
  • 2.00 lbs - 2.99 lbs           $32.00 USD
  • 3.00 lbs - 4.99 lbs           $59.00 USD
  • 5.00 lbs - 7.99 lbs           $62.00 USD
  • 8.00 lbs - 9.99 lbs           $62.00 USD

Reminder: Selecting "Free shipping / US Domestic Order w/ Total Amount Over $100" applies only to Anime books and printed material. If your order contains anything besides books, the shipping method will be voided.

Note: We will apply this shipping method to your order only when customers choose other shipping method such as "Free Shipping / US Domestic Order w/ Total Amount Over $100" or none at all.


If you feel that your carrier mishandles your packages frequently, please request extra packaging from us. Please notify us and we will provide additional padding. In the comment portion of the checkout, just note "Please add extra protection to my package." 

International orders will incur relatively higher shipping charges. Please use the shipping estimator on the right side of your shopping cart page to determine shipping charges before deciding on your order.

*Reminder to International Customer: Be advised that there is no discounted shipping for overseas orders.  The Free Shipping option only applies to US customers.

Shipping and custom duty costs of the packages are the responsibility of the customer. For international and Canadian customers there is a possibility that the Local Import Department may charge a tariff for your packages. Their department charges may change from time to time. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THOSE CHARGES. is not liable for damages or losses caused by service carriers, unless additional insurance coverage is specifically requested by the customer in advance. is not liable for damages caused by weather conditions once the package has reached its destination. It is the customer's responsibility to be aware of weather conditions in their area. If the customer knows the weather conditions will likely cause damage to the package, please inform us so that we can prepare your package to avoid that condition.

Shipping charges are non-refundable. This applies to:

• all returned items (we will only refund the amount of the price of the product returned)
• all returned package due to address change or incorrect address

There is no restocking fee for returned items with the exception of special order items.  If you special order an item and later decide to return it, you will be charged a 30% restocking/finder's fee.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Please see Return Policy for details.

We do not guarantee that your package will arrive at its destination. Once the customer receives their tracking number, it is the mail carrier's responsibility to ensure delivery of your package. If you wish to track the location of your package, please check for more information.

We had many difficulties with certain countries with packages. Due to the local customs of these certain countries, be aware that some package(s) may be lost. The following countries listed below are at risk of losing packages. Please be advised if you are ordering from these countries:

o Brazil
o Mexico
o Russia
o Italy

Due to inconsistent mail systems and high risk of loss/damage, we do not accept orders from IndonesiaSingaporeVietnam, and Malaysia through our site.  For more information, please contact us at

If you believe that your package is lost, please notify the shipping carrier and AnimeCoast immediately. We will work with the shipping carrier so that we can locate your package(s) quickly as possible. Please contact us after:

• 3 weeks for local orders (within the USA)
• 4 weeks for international orders (outside of the USA)