PAYMENT METHODS accepts the following credit cards:
VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover

All credit card purchases are verified using your billing address for your protection. Please be sure to enter the correct billing address under the "Bill To" address at checkout. Failure to do so will result in delays. We do not accept credit card orders from IndonesiaSingaporeVietnam, and Malaysia.

When an order is place to our system, our system automatically sends an invoice to that customer indicating what he/she has ordered from us. The initial amount in your credit card statement is an authorization and not the actual charge. This authorization gives us the permission for us to charge your credit card. The amount that is indicated on the authorization is a hold amount for us to charge your card. We will charge your card once your order is about to be shipped out. The second amount in your card is the actual charge from us (including the total of the items available and the shipping fee). The authorization amount will disappears once the billing cycle is over and the second amount will remain.

(Note: Authorization and Final Charges are the leading causes of declines for International orders. Please make sure you have enough in your credit card before making a purchase with us.)

If there is a decline in your credit card, we will notify you about the decline via e-mail. Your order will be "On Hold" status until we have heard from the customer. The "On Hold" status will be there for 14 days. If we have not received a reply by the end of the 14 day period, we will cancel your order and you will be required to re-order. NO EXCEPTIONS!

For International Orders Only: For security reasons, we ask all International Customers, who have ordered $100 or more, to sign a form indicating an approval for charging their credit card. NO EXCEPTIONS!

*Reminder to International Customers: The free shipping offer for orders over $100 applies only to US based customers. Please make sure that your credit card has enough amounts for us to ship the order. Failure to do so will delay in completing your order. We will e-mail about the decline in their card. If the customer has not complied with the e-mails, we will cancel your order for you.