Our next trip to Japan will be late September 2016.  Any special requests and orders need to be emailed to us by the end of August 2016. 

Our next show will be NERDBOT CON on Saturday, September 24th at the Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, CA.

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Don't see the title you are looking for?  Be sure to message us because we may have it in our convention stock or simply have not had time to list it online yet.  Ask us, and if we have it, we will be able to set it aside for you!


Thank you for visiting AnimeCoast.com.  We hope to become your go-to source for rare anime art books and goods.  As life-long fans and collectors of all things anime, we know the thrill of finally uncovering that hard-to-find treasure.  We have a passion for uniting fellow collectors with their holy-grail items.  This is our mission as AnimeCoast!

  Looking for a special title?  We are collectors too and love hunting down rare anime books and goods.  If you would like us to find something for you, check out our Special Orders section at the bottom of our site page.  If you would like to buy from us in person, check our blog for our next convention appearance.  If you are local to San Diego and want to shop our personal collection, please contact us to arrange for a special appointment.  For all other inquiries, feel free to leave a message by phone or email.

 We are also happy to buy, sell and trade in person.  Please check out our blog and front page often to find us at the next convention.  If you are in the San Diego area, we can always set up a personal appointment.

 We realize that it is getting more and more difficult to find certain collectibles at a reasonable price, and some of those auction sites (YES, you know WHICH ONE we are talking about!) are driving prices up due to their crazy regulations and fees dumped on sellers.  At AnimeCoast, we can offer rare items at reasonable prices because we are not limited by the exorbitant fees imposed by auction sites.

 Don't forget to check back frequently for new additions to our catalog of books and collectibles!  We can't always bring all of our best stuff to the shows.  And we have a TON of stuff!


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