November 30, 2014

Coasty hits Akiba!!

Hey everybody!  Sorry for the delay, but I finally got around to posting pix of my travels in the Otaku Holy Land: AKIBA!!!  As some of you may know, I make this pilgrimage once a year to hunt down and bring all you folks the wonderful goodies that are literally overflowing in this great country of Japan.  These are from the latest trip in September 2014.  Enjoy!


On the plane, on my way to the Holy Land!  Can you guess who my buddy is??


On the shinkansen (bullet train)!


Relaxing at the hotel:


Navigating the Japan Rail system can be challenging!


Hiding with the pretty boys........


Shopping at K Books!


Sending back all my goodies:


Nakano Broadway!  Another mecca for Otaku:


Wandering around Akiba:


Hangin' out with my favorite ladies (these are big pachinko parlor displays):


Cool stuff in Akiba!!


On the train, back to the airport, a little sad to leave.....


Just a taste of some of the goodies I brought back for you folks!!


That's it for this trip.  Will definitely post more pix the next time I return to Japan!

Catch you guys later!



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